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Bella Luna - Spas, Beauticians, Beauty Salons, Wellness Centers,


Bella Luna
Address: 1 Maritime Square
Singapore 099253
Tel: (65) 6275-3818
Categories: Spas, Beauticians, Beauty Salons, Wellness Centers,
Company Profile:
Singapore Day Spa for Ladies. Services: facial & body massages by certified therapists, Power Slim Detox Therapy, Botanical Fusion Massage Therapy, Prenatal Comfort Soothing Massage, Postnatal Energizing Massage Therapy, Revitalizing Rolling Therapy, Natural Silk Face Brightening Treatment
A revolutionary concept to slimming, whereby continuous all day slimming method is used to communicate with the body, to reduce fat deposits and puffiness and increase lymphatic drainage. Combined with lymphatic drainage massage, this prepares power slim absorption and reduces cellulites for a noticeably smoother and velvety appearance. This therapy focuses on buttocks, thighs and abdomen.

This is an ancient healing therapy which uses natural herbs known as Jamu, a concoction of 'medical plants', from the leaves, the fruits, the roots, the flowers and the barks, originated from Southeast Asia. Fusing its properties for its healthy and healing benefits, Botanical Fusion Massage uses acupressure methods, to relieve tiredness and muscle aches, helps improve certain skin conditions, perform detoxification and increase blood circulation. Regular therapy maintains your physical wellness for an energized healthy skin care, regulates womb performances in some cases and encourages body slimming. This method is also used in our Postnatal Energizing Massage Therapy.

Prenatal mums-to-be, let us pamper you with our professional touch, to soothe and relax you during your pregnancy. Be comforted with our gentle massage to relief stresses on your back, hips and tired swollen legs caused by edema and muscle tension during your pregnancy. Soothing massage helps reduce anxiety and decreases symptoms of depression and improves labor outcomes and your newborn health.

Let us condition your body back to your pre-pregnancy order. Relaxing with muscle relieving massage, which helps improve causes by edema, this also reduces fluid retention. Let us tone your postnatal tummy and restore your uterus and womb to it’s original state. We have included Toning Wrap and Black Crystal Thermal Sand Dip, to hasten your body restoration. Energizing massage therapy may also bring about a shapelier silhouette than your pre-pregnancy shape and helps reduce cellulites in most cases.

An acupressure point muscle relaxing face or body toning treatment for various skin type using natural quartz crystal and healing stone. These are shaped into a ball like structure to enable smooth rolling techniques, performed by our professional therapists, combined with recommended face or body products to produce a vibrant and refreshing skin condition. This therapy increases blood circulation which is essential in maintaining and excercising rejuvenation, revitalizing your face and body wellness. This therapy requires personal customized skin analysis.

This facial treatment uses natural oat mud combined with a relaxing facial massage, to deeply cleanse skin and remove all impurities embedded within, thus refreshing skin’s suppleness leaving you with a youthful appearance. It helps regenerate skin cells, detoxify, reduce skin pores and eliminate excess facial oil. This treatment has the ability to restore, uplift and strengthen facial slackening conditions. This treatment hydrates, nourishes skin and is also suitable for delicate skin type.

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