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Bedrock Bar & Grill - Singapore Restaurants


Bedrock Bar & Grill
Address: 96 Somerset Road
Singapore 238163
Tel: (65) 6238-0054
Categories: Singapore Restaurants
Company Profile: Restaurant at Pan Pacific Serviced Suites on Somerset Road. So our menu is based on these experiences, using earthy techniques like wood grilling, smoking things hot and cold, adding spices and chillies whenever we can, and when it feels right, offering family-style dishes for two, three, or even four.
Our core values – what really made us open this place - include the communal spirit of sharing food and also keeping things easy, timeless, and fun. For us, good food is about people and places and we’ve tried to take extra time to really discover where things on our menu come from. We work directly with farms as far off as the USA, Japan, and Australia to source meats and seafood and ensure they are treated well, whether dry-aged or grass-fed, organic or raised through sustainable methods. Because of this, we tend to cook things simply, with only a few ingredients, and a lot of love (and sides to share!)

We also apply our philosophy to drinks. We have fallen in love with traditional whisky from around the world. We have put together a selection of rare and special spirits made by small families and distillers in remote places like the Scottish island and rural Japan. We got lockers if you care to buy a bottle and keep it here, and also classic, whisky-based cocktails to start and finish a meal with.

On behalf of all of us, we hope you come get to know us and share some of our passions for taste, experience, and simple pleasures. To the families we know and don’t, couples that want to share a special dinner, or those just looking for a weekday meal or drink

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