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B B S Electronics Pte Ltd - Electrical Components, Electrical Equipment, Electronics Components,
Electronics Equipment


B B S Electronics Pte Ltd
Address: 12 Genting Road The Blue Building
Singapore 349474
Tel: (65) 6559-8400
Fax: (65) 6748-8466
Categories: Electrical Components, Electrical Equipment, Electronics Components,
Electronics Equipment
Company Profile: BBS Electronics is a distribution solutions provider for original equipment manufacturers, contract manufacturers, research houses and users of electronic components. As a service company, BBSE’s strategic presence at the hotspots of Asia, India and the rest of the world.
Automotive Crystals, Crystal Oscillators, Crystal Resonators, SAW Devices, Timing Modules
Capacitors, Circuit Protection, Connectors, Couplers, Filters, Inductors, Integrated Passive Components, Military Products, Module Devices, Piezoelectric Acoustic Generators, Resistive Products, Timing Devices
Microcircuits and Modules, Passive Networks & Discrete Components, Precision Potentiometers, Screened Substrates, Sensors, Switches, Turns Counting Dials
Embedded Modem Modules, Data Access Arrangement Modules, High-speed Line Interface Products, Line Cards Access Switch Products, MOSFETs, Multifunction Products, Optically Isolated Solid State Relays, Optocouplers, Phone Line Supervision, Power Products, Power Solid State Relays, Silicon DAA, Phone Line Interface, Solar Cell Products, Tone Signaling Products
RF transceiver IC
4/8/32 Bit Microcomputer, Application Guide, ARM core 32-bit Microcomputers, Clock ICs, Gate/Embedded Arrays, High Performance 4-bit Microcomputers, Interface ICs, LCD Controllers/Drivers, MCU Tools and Technical Information, Standard Cells, Other Drivers, Peripherals, Power Supply ICs, Static RAMs
Automative / Solid state relays, Electromechanical relays, Customized display & glass panels, LCD,
Communication Product Group, Infrared Product Group, Intergrate Circuit Application, Visble Product Group
Bipolar Transistors (discretes and modules), Diodes, Fast Recovery, Schottky, and high-voltage diodes, IGBT (discretes and modules), IPM (intelligent power module), MOSFET and Smart MOSFET, Power Management ICs, Sensor ICs and Driver ICs (CMOS), Surge Absorbers
Controls Products, Front Panels, Switches, Wireless Products
Amplifer/Buffers, Communications, Data Conversion, Digital, Display Products, Interface ICs, Military/Space, Optical Storage, Power Management, Special Analog, Switch/MUXes/Crosspoints, Timing Circuits, Video, Voltage Reference
General Purpose, High Voltage, Networks, Power Wirewound, Special Purpose Components, Surface Mount
Optocouplers, Optoisolators, Optoswitches, Optosensors, Mosfet Relays
Line Drivers, Voice Interface Products
Fuses, Resettable PTCs, Overvoltage Products
Analog and mixed-signal device, Audio/Video, Bus devices, Clocks & Watches, Data Communications, Discretes, Display drivers, Identification & Security, Logic, Microcontrollers, Peripherals, Power & Power Management, Wired communication, Wireless communication
LCD Panels/Module, LED & CCFL Backlight
Custom Sensing Solutions, Fiber optics, Magnetic sensors, Optoelectronics, Visible LEDs
EMI Filter TVS Arrays, Flip Chips TVS Arrays, Low/ Standard Capacitance TVS Arrays, Modules & Components, Steering Diode Arrays, Steering Diode TVS Arrays
High Perfomance Analog to Digital Converters, 8 Bit Single Channel, 8 Bit Three Channel, 10 Bit Single Channel, 10 Bit Three Channel
Discretes, Linear, Logic, Microcontrollers, Smart Card Products, Voltage Regulators
Digital STB NIMs for Satellite, Cable and Terrestrial, Remote controls
Microelectronic Solutions, Resistors
Cables and FPC, Connectors, Production Sockets, Test & Burn-in, Y-Con Industrial Series
Analog, Receivers for Digital TV, Voice and Data, Wireless

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