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Singapore Aerospace Industry Companies List
Singapore is currently one of the most comprehensive aerospace maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) hubs in the Asia-Pacific. The scope of aerospace activities has in recent years evolved to take on a more holistic approach, enabling Singapore to maintain its foothold as the preferred Aerospace Hub in the region.

Despite the economic downturn, Singapore's aerospace industry remained resilient in 2009. The Economic Development Board (EDB) said the sector achieved a total output of some S$7 billion last year with a value-add of S$2.7 billion.

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Featured Singapore Aerospace Companies List
Add-Plus International Pte Ltd Singapore Electronics Manufacturers, PCB Assembly, PCB Designers, Consumer Electronics, Computer and Peripherals, Industrial Equipment, Military Electronics, Medical Equipment Electronics Manufacturing Services, Communications Equipment, Burn-in boards
Adimec Electronic Imaging Pte Ltd Singapore Manufacturers of Industrial Cameras, Video Cameras, Machine Vision Camera, Medical Cameras, Defense Camera. Adimec designs and manufactures high-performance industrial cameras for Equipment Manufacturers worldwide
Advent Air Ltd Singapore Aerospace Company Airlines, Aviation, Aerospace  Skywest Airlines Ltd (formerly known as Advent Air Ltd) is a diversified airline, aerospace and investment group incorporated in Singapore.
Aerisconsult Pte Ltd Singapore Aviation Consultants, Aerospace, Airline Services, Aircraft Services
Aero Systems Pte Ltd Singapore Aviation Consultants, Aerospace, Airline Services, Aircraft Services Aircraft Servicing, Aircraft Maintenance
Aeroeagle Resources Asia Pte Ltd Singapore Aviation Consultants, Aerospace, Airline Services, Aircraft Services. Suppliers of an extensive range of Avionics & Instruments. aircraft parts for sale, exchange and or lease.
Aeroengine Overhaul Services Singapore Aviation Consultants, Aerospace, Airline Services, Aircraft Services, Aircraft Engine Servicing Aircraft Engine Overhaul and Maintenance.
Aeroklass Pte Ltd Singapore Aviation Consultants, Aerospace, Airline Services, Aircraft Services Suppliers of Aircraft Spares, Tyres, Brakes, Sealants, Chemicals, Bolts & Nuts, Actuator RAM Air AC Generator Reservoir Aircraft components Compass Rtw Sealant Air Craft Parts Sealant Rtw Sealant Compass
Aeromobiles Pte Ltd Singapore Aerospace Company Aerospace, Electronics, Aviation Consultants, Airline Services, Aircraft Services Suppliers of Tools, Hardware and Light Machinery. Builds and designs the world's most innovative line of aircraft ground support equipment (GSE)
AI (R) Eastern Support Pte Ltd Singapore Aviation Consultants, Aerospace, Airline Services, Aircraft Services, Aircraft Manufacturers
Aircraft Interiors (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Aerospace Company Suppliers of Aircraft Interiors, Aircraft Interior Refurbishing
Aircraft Systems Engineering Pte Ltd Singapore Aerospace Company Suppliers of, Aircraft Engineering Services, Aircraft Repairs, Aircraft Engineering Service & Aircraft Works
Airex Pte Ltd Airport (F E) Pte Ltd Singapore Airport Equipment, Airport Supplies, Airline Equipment, Aircraft Supplies, Airport Equipment & Supplies
Airfoil Technologies International Singapore Aerospace Company, Turbine Repairs. Airfoil Technologies International (ATI) provides the finest repair technologies and services for cold section airfoils of commercial flight turbines.   
Airport (F E) Pte Ltd Singapore Airport Equipment Company Suppliers of Airport Equipment, Airport Supplies, Airline Equipment, Airline Supplies, Airport Equipment & Supplies
Alliance Aviation Pte Ltd Singapore Aviation Consultants, Aircraft Services, Aerospace Consultants Suppliers of Aircraft Equipment, Aircraft Parts & Supplies, Electrical Components, Electrical Equipment, Avionics
Allied-Signal Aerospace Service Corporation Singapore Aircraft Parts, Aircraft Equipment, Aircraft Electronic Instruments, Electrical Components, Electrical Equipment, Electronics Components, Electronics Equipment
AMS Consultancy Group Singapore Aviation Consultants Air Service Provider (ASP) Quality & Safety, (Q & S) Reviews, Contract Compliance Audits, Technical & Operations Surveillance, Aviation Risk Analysis Study, Regulatory and QA Assistance to Air Operators, Safety Management Systems, Independent Incident & Accident Investigation, Development of Aviation Manuals & Procedures, Aviation Asset Valuation & Management Consultancy, Helideck Inspection and Consultancy, Training
Arianespace Singapore Aerospace Company. Capitalizing on its range of launchers, proven reliability and availability, Arianespace has won more than half of the commercial Space launch contracts open to competition worldwide in the last two years. 32 satellites to be launched into geostationary transfer orbit, using Ariane 5 or Soyuz for the smaller spacecraft. Eight government launches by Ariane 5, including six for the ATV cargo vessel. Seven dedicated Soyuz launches.
Asia Technical Services Pte Ltd Singapore Aircraft Servicing Company, Singapore Aviation Consultants, Singapore Airline Services, Singapore Aircraft Services
Asian Surface Technologies Pte Ltd Singapore Aircraft Servicing Company, Aircraft Maintenance, Airline Services. Areas of Specialization: Repair of aircraft fan blade, Surface coatings and finishing for oilfield and aviation OEM components
Aston Aviation Supplies Pte Ltd Singapore Aircraft Servicing, Aircraft Maintenance Company Suppliers of Aircraft Parts, Aircraft Equipment, Aircraft Electronics Systems
Aviation & Electronics Support Pte Ltd Singapore Avionics Company Suppliers of Aircraft Equipment, Aircraft Parts Aircraft Electronics Equipment, Aircraft Electronics Parts
Aviation Management Systems Pte Ltd Singapore Aviation Consultants, Singapore Airline Services, Singapore Aircraft Services
Aviation & Travel Solutions Pte Ltd Singapore Aviation Consultants, Singapore Airline Services, Singapore Aircraft Services
Avion Avionics Technologies Pte Ltd Singapore Electronics Company Suppliers of Aircraft Electronics, Aircraft Maintenance, Aerospace Consultants
B/E Services Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Aircraft Refurbishing, Aircraft Interior Refurbishing, Aircraft Servicing, Aircraft Maintenance
Bell Helicopter Asia (Pte) Ltd Singapore Aircraft Manufacturers. Bell Helicopter is a leader in vertical takeoff and landing aircraft for commercial and military applications, and the pioneer of the revolutionary tiltrotor aircraft.
Bertda Services (SEA) Pte Ltd Singapore Electrical Components Company Suppliers of Automation Components, Aviation Components, Aerospace Components, AC Motors, DC Motors, Stepper Motors,  Electric Motor Controls, Stepper Motors, Micromotors, Brushless Motors, Coreless Motors, Synchronous Motors, Servo Motors, Induction Motors, Explosion- Proof Motors, Pancake Motors
Blue Waves Flight Simulation Pte Ltd Singapore Aviation Consultants, Aerospace, Airline Services, Aircraft Services
BOC Aviation Pte Ltd Singapore Aircraft Leasing Company, Aerospace Consultants. Provides fleet solutions for global airline industry. Offers a wide range of services to airlines and aircraft owners, including direct operating leases, sale and leaseback facilities and third party asset management. The company also provides comprehensive aircraft remarketing, structured finance and technical management services to airlines, banks and other investors.
Bureau Veritas Certification (Singapore) Pte Ltd Certification Body offering solutions in the key strategic fields of your operations; quality, health & safety, environment and social responsibility. Aviation Safety Audit, Aviation Technical Assistance, Environmental Assessment Studies, Indoor Environmental Quality Management, Property Monitoring, Soil Technical Audit, Structural and Machinery Vibration Services, Technical Due Diligence
Business Jets Pte Limited Singapore Aviation Services Provider focusing on India and Southeast Asia; based in Singapore and Mumbai. Offers fractional ownership of private jets; has a fleet of Citation CJ2 & Hawker 850/ 900XP aircraft
C G Aerospace Warehouse (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Aerospace Consultants Suppliers of Electronic Equipment, Electronic Components, Electronics Suppliers
C Melchers GMBH & Co Singapore Branch Singapore Distributors of technical materials and machinery, printing consumables and aviation technology, luxury goods and watches, garments.
CEFLA Asia Pte Ltd Singapore Buying Agents, Product Sourcing, Manufacturers Agents, Manufacturing Representatives, Building Materials, Construction Materials, Furniture, Kitchen Furniture, Bathroom Furniture, Office Furniture, Parquet Laminate Hardwood, Hotel furnishings, Boat furnishings, Solar Panels, Electronics & appliances Automotive products, Aerospace products,  Architectural products, Window shutters & blinds Foils & Edgebanding Injection molded parts PVC extrusions, Printing Finishing Drying & Impregnation Chemicals
Centre For Asia Pacific Aviation Pte Ltd Singapore Aviation Consultants, Aviation Industry Research. Providers of independent aviation market intelligence, analysis and data services, covering worldwide developments
Certified Aerospace Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Aerospace Products, Aerospace Services Company Suppliers of Aerospace Production Machinery, Aircraft Components, Aircraft Equipment, Aircraft Systems
Cessna Aircraft Company Singapore Aircraft Manufacturers, Singapore Aircraft Servicing, Singapore Aircraft Maintenance, Singapore Aerospace Consultants
CET Technologies Pte Ltd Singapore Electronics Company provides innovative system solutions to government, commercial, defence, and industrial customers worldwide. Aerospace, Electronic Equipment Suppliers, Electronics Components, Satellite Communications, Defence Systems, Satellite Telemetry Devices, Radar Extractor, Air Distributed Mission Trainer, Armoured Gunnery & Tactical Simulator, Distributed Mission Fighter Station, Fleet Instrumented Sea Training System, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Simulator
Chan Wah Sung Precision Engineering Singapore Suppliers of Gauges, Jigs & Fixtures, Metal Fabrication, Tools & Dies, Aerospace Parts, Architectural Hardware, Ironmongers, Metalwork, CNC Milling Machines, Engineering Services, Jigs, Machine Tool Services, Metal Machining, Fabrication, Metalworking Services, Milling Machines, Precision Engineers, Precision Machined Components
Changi Airport Group (S) Pte Ltd Singapore Airport Management Company operators of Changi Airport which has an annual cargo handling capacity of 3 million tonnes. Served by over 100 carriers and connected to some 200 cities in about 60 countries worldwide. Operating out of a Free Trade Zone, the vibrant cargo community comprising of over 200 on-airport logistics service providers, ensures that Singapore remains the region's leading air cargo hub.
Channel Technologies Pte Ltd Singapore Company Suppliers of Speech Recognition Development Tools, Intel Software Development Products, Hardware, Connectivity, Date Communications, Speech Recognition Boards, Electronics, Circuits Protections, Electrical Switches, Digital Switching Systems, Power Distributions Centers, Semiconductors, Speech Processors, Industrial Products, Avionics Products
Chapman Freeborn Airchartering Pte Ltd Singapore Air Charter Company. Air charter services for: Operations to remote locations, Heavy and outsized pieces, Oil and gas equipment, Automotive, Crew rotations, Aerospace equipment and AOG situations, Ship spares, On board couriers for smaller packages, Dangerous goods movement, Humanitarian relief aid, Emergency evacuation and repatriation, Sports teams, bands and orchestras on tour, Exhibition & events, Heads of state, government and diplomatic flights, Airline to airline sub-charter and leasing for long term projects
Chartered Asia Technology Enterprise Singapore Airfield Lighting Company Suppliers of Approach Centreline & Cross Bar Lights, Runway Threshold Lights, Runway Edge Lights, Runway Wing Bar Lights, Wireless Lamp Failure Monitoring and Control Systems, Taxiway Guidance Sign Systems
Chemetall Asia Pte Ltd Singapore Company Suppliers of Chemicals, Aircraft Sealants, Cleaning Equipment, Chemicals and equipment for cleaning, maintenance and non-destructive testing used by aviation, marine, defence, power generation, inspection companies and land transport industries. Aircraft sealants and corrosion preventive compounds. Chemical pre-treatment systems for corrosion protection, paint bonding, wear reduction, coil coating and cold forming. Pickling, cleaning, phosphating, chromating, passivation products and lubricants for the treatment of metal surfaces.
Chen Wee Precision Engineering Pte Ltd Singapore Aerospace Company Suppliers of Aerospace Products, Aerospace Services, Jigs, Fixtures, Aircraft Maintenance, Aircraft Repair
China Aviation Oil (S) Corporation Ltd Singapore multinational investment and oil infrastructure company.Procurement and transportation of imported jet fuel for China Civil Aviation. Aircraft Fuels, Aerospace Products, Aerospace Services, Industrial Oils, Petroleum
D&M Aviation Services Singapore Aerospace Consultants, Aviation Consultants, Aerospace Equipment, Aircraft Services, Aerospace Consultants, Aerospace Products, Aerospace Services, Aerospace Production Machinery, Aerospace Consultants, Aircraft Components, Aircraft Equipment, Aircraft Systems, Aviation Consultancy
E & G Tools Pte Ltd Singapore Aerospace Tools Company Suppliers of Aerospace Products, Aerospace Services, Aerospace Production Machinery, Aerospace Services, Air Compressors, Aircraft Tools, Aerospace Tools, Mechanical Servicing
Singapore Aerospace Companies
A-Sonic Aerospace Pte Ltd
AAR International Inc
Aaxico Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd
Access Precision Tools Pte Ltd
Acp Metal Finishing Pte Ltd
Advent Air Ltd
Aerisconsult Pte Ltd
Aero Systems Engineering Inc
Aero Systems Pte Ltd
Aeroeagle Resources Asia Pte Ltd
Aeroengine Overhaul Services
Aeroklass Pte Ltd
Aeromobiles Pte Ltd
Aeroservice Pte Ltd
Aerospatiale Representative Office
Aerotech Engineering Pte Ltd
Aerotech Singapore Pte Ltd

AI (R) Eastern Support Pte Ltd
Aircraft Interiors (S) Pte Ltd
Aircraft Systems Engineering Pte Ltd

Airesources International Pte Ltd
Airfoil Technologies International
Alliance Aviation Pte Ltd
Allied-Signal Aerospace Service Corporation
Analytical Laboratories (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Anchor Weld Sales & Services
Apec Aerospace Pte Ltd
Asia Pacific Aerospace Technology Pte Ltd
Asian Aerospace 2006 Pte Ltd
Asian Aerospace Pte Ltd
Asian Surface Technologies Pte Ltd
Association of Aerospace Industries (Singapore)
Aviation & Electronics Support Pte Ltd
Aviation Management Systems Pte Ltd
Aviation Network Pte Ltd
Aviation Services Pte Ltd

Avimo Alvis Aerospace Pte Ltd

B/E Services Singapore Pte Ltd
Ban Lee Seng Paints & Hardware Supplier
Banner Aerospace-Singapore Inc
Best Chemical Co (S) Pte Ltd
Bestair Aeronautical Pte Ltd
Bristow Helicopters Singapore Pte Ltd
Bulk Trade Pte Ltd
C & A Aviation (Pte) Ltd
Cessna Aircraft Company
Chin Hong
Combustor Airmotive Services Pte Ltd
Composite Technology International Pte Ltd
Conco Bros Engineering Pte Ltd
D & M Aviation Services Company
D & N Control & Engineering Company
Dassault Falcon Jet Corporation
Dowell Aviation Pte Ltd
Dunlop Aviation (S E Asia) Pte Ltd
Eagle EG & G Aerospace Pte Ltd
Eda (Pte) Ltd
Endela Trading & Manufacturing Pte Ltd
Equipment & Industrial Suppliers Co
Everjoy Industrial Supplies Pte Ltd
Far Eastern Aviation Pte Ltd
Fidel Engineering & Trading Company
Fieldtech Aviation (S) Pte Ltd
Fortuna Aerospace Supplies & Trading
Glamco Aviation Pte Ltd
Global Aviation (S) Pte Ltd
Global Technical Pte Ltd
Grandas (S) Pte Ltd
Gulfstream International Corporation USA
Haneflex (S) Pte Ltd
Hart Technologies Pte Ltd
Hawko Trading Co Pte Ltd
Heli-World Aviation Pte Ltd
High Wycombe Engineering Company
Hill Aviation Pte Ltd
Honeywell Aerospace Pte Ltd
Hughes Aircraft Systems International
Hunting Aviation (S) Pte Ltd
Hypercoat Enterprises Pte Ltd
Ibcol Technical Services (S) Pte Ltd
IMS Aviation Pte Ltd
International Bearings Pte Ltd
International Engine Component Overhaul Pte Ltd
International Maritime Industries Pte Ltd
International Services & Supply (Pte) Ltd
Ito-Sin Industrial Pte Ltd
Ito-Sin Supplies & Services Pte Ltd
  Jascom Electrical Pte Ltd
Jetronic Engineering Pte Ltd
JMW Abranite Enterprise
Joo Wan Chop
KFS Aviation Company
Kian Soon Hardware & Trading Pte Ltd
Kiauw Hin & Co (Pte) Ltd
Kiftraco Pte Ltd
Lian Seng Hardware (Pte) Ltd
Liebherr-Singapore Pte Ltd
Life Support Equipment Pte Ltd
Lloyd Helicopters Pte Ltd
Lloyd's Aviation Dept
Lockheed Martin International Ltd
Lori Asia Pte Ltd
Lucas Aerospace Singapore (Pte) Ltd
Lumitron Pte Ltd
Magenta Manufacturing Pte Ltd
MAJ Aviation Pte Ltd
Markserv (Far East) Pte Ltd
Matsushita Avionics Systems Corporation
McAlister & Co Ltd
Michelin Asia (S) Co Pte Ltd
Mil-Com Aerospace Pte Ltd
MJ International Pte Ltd
Monarch Aviation Pte Ltd
New Light Enterprises
Newmark Aerospace
Nordam Singapore Pte Ltd
Nordisk Aviation Products Pte Ltd
P T Pelita Air Service
Pacific Air Supplies & Services (S) Pte Ltd
Pacific Flight Services Pte Ltd
Pacific Scientific Company
Pang Eng Sin Chad
Parc Singapore Pte Ltd
PBA Technology Pte Ltd
Power Force Technologies Pte Ltd
Pratt & Whiteney Component Overhaul Singapore Pte Ltd
Pratt & Whitney Aircraft
Pratt & Whitney Canada (South East Asia) Pte Ltd
Production Link Pte Ltd
Republic Of Singapore Flying Club
RMF Pacific Pte Ltd
Rockstone Aerospace Pte Ltd
Rockwell Avionics-Collins
Ruby Electrical Trading Company
Rush Aviation Consultants & Equipment Support Company
S A Aerospace Pte Ltd
Setiausaha Pte Ltd
Sha Aviation Services
SIA Engineering Co Engineers & Executive Union
Sin Hai San Enterprise
Singapore Aerospace Manufacturing Company
Singapore Airlines Flying Club
Singapore Technologies Aerospace Ltd
Soudal (Asia) Pte Ltd
ST Aerospace Engineering Pte Ltd
ST Aerospace Engines Pte Ltd
ST Aerospace Supplies Pte Ltd
ST Aerospace Systems Pte Ltd
ST Aviation Services Co Pte Ltd
Standard Aero (Asia) Pte Ltd
Staratech System Ltd
Success Engineering Pte Ltd
Supply Express Pte Ltd
Swifth Air & Industrial Supply Pte Ltd
T & I Equipment Pte Ltd
Thor International Co
Time & Office Equipment Company
Time Access International
TPA Pte Ltd
Tuffi Pte Ltd
Turbine Overhaul Services Pte Ltd
Turbomeca Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Turnkey System Engineering & Supplies
U S Airmotive (S) Pte Ltd
Ultramare Singapore Pte Ltd
UMW Trading & Engineering Pte Ltd
United Technologies International Operation Inc
Universal Aviation Industries
Universal Singapore Airport Services Pte
Vias Aviation & Engineering Pte Ltd
Vicor Signals (S) Pte Ltd
West Pacific Aerospace Pte Ltd
Windsor Airmotive Asia Pte Ltd
Wings Aviation & Commercial Services
World Fuel Services (S) Pte Ltd

Singapore Aerospace Products

Aerospace products and equipment includes parts, machinery, tools, instruments, and systems for airplanes, gliders, helicopters, spacecraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and other aircraft. This product area also includes avionics, air traffic control equipment, aircraft brakes, aircraft engines, and ground support equipment (GSE). Some aerospace products and equipment are used to build, maintain, and repair civilian aircraft such as private business planes and commercial airliners. Other aerospace components are designed for military aircraft such as bombers, fighters, fighter bombers, transports, and trainers. Because of the requirements of reconnaissance aircraft, aerospace products and equipment include infrared (IR) sensors and photographic equipment.

There are many different aerospace products and equipment for airplanes. Horizontal stabilizers control pitch (up and down). Vertical stabilizers control yaw (side to side). Aircraft elevators are designed to change pitch and aircraft rudders are used to change yaw. Slats change lift, flaps change lift and drag, and ailerons change roll. Spoilers are aircraft components that change lift, drag and roll. The fuselage or body is the part of the aircraft that carries passengers. The cockpit carries the pilot and co-pilot, and is used for command and control. Typically, the flight instruments on an aircraft the airspeed indicator, the attitude indicator, the altimeter, the turn coordinator, the directional gyro, and the vertical speed indicator. Other aerospace products and equipment for aircraft include jet engines that generate thrust and wings that generate lift.

Civilian helicopters and military helicopters require aerospace products and equipment. The major parts of a helicopter are the main rotor, the engines, the cockpit, the cabin, the tail boom, the tail rotor, and the skids. The main rotor consists of long, flat, metal blades that spin to provide lift and thrust. Helicopter engines represent the aircraft’s powerplant. They require regular maintenance and the use of many aerospace products and equipment. The cockpit is the area where the pilot sits to fly the helicopter and refer to the instrument panel. Helicopter instruments include indicators for torque, airspeed, attitude, altitude, horizontal situation, and vertical speed. The cabin is the part of the helicopter where the passengers sit or a payload is carried. The tail boom is the long, narrow part at the rear of the helicopter. Towards its end is the tail rotor, which blows air sideways to turn the rotorcraft and keep it from spinning.

3-Axis Compass Sensor Sets
Absolute Pressure Transducers
Advanced Digital Voice and Data Recorder
Advanced Micro Air Data Computers
Advanced Recorders
Advanced Thick Films
Aerospace Components
Air Data Computers
Air Data Modules
Air Data Processors
Air Data Systems
Air Data Testers
Airborne Cell Phone Systems
Airborne Flight Information System
Aircraft Products
Aircraft Sensors
Airplane Information Management System
Along Track Navigation
Altitude Measurement
Amplifiers & Accessories
Analog Test Stations
Application Specific Integrated Circuits
Audio Equipment
Automatic Direction Finder
Automatic Flight Control Systems
Automatic Test Systems
Baro Altimeter Displays
Baro Altimeters
Bench Test Sets
Button Controls
Cabin Communications
Cabin Controls
Cabin Entertainment
Cabin LAN
Cabin Services
Cockpit Audio Systems
Cockpit Indicators
Combination Recorders
Common Core Avionics
Communication Systems
Communications Management Units
Compass Module
Control Display Units
Control Panels
Control Rod Force Sensors
Controllable Search Lights
Core Components
Data Link Transponders
Data Loaders
Data Management Peripherals
Dead Reckoning Modules
Digital ASIC Technology
Digital Compass Modules
Digital Compass Solutions
Digital Flight Guidance Systems
Digital Rotation Sensor
Digital Test Station
Digital Three-Axis Compass
Digital Three-Axis Tilt Compensated Compass
Digital Two-Axis Compasses
Displacement Sensors
Distance Measuring Equipment
Doors Control System
Dual Pressure Air Data Transducers
Electro-Mechanical Lighting
Electronic Flight Information Systems
Electronic Test Set
Emergency Locator Transmitters
Enhanced Flight Management Systems
Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning
Exterior Aircraft Lighting
Flat Panel LCDs
Flight Control Computers
Flight Controls
Flight Data Acquisition and Management System
Flight Data Acquisition Unit
Flight Inspection Receivers
Flight Management System Data Loader
Flight Management Systems
Fly by Wire Systems
Force Measurement Sensors
Forward Looking Systems
Gate Arrays
Global Navigation Flight Management
Global Positioning Satellite Navigation
Ground Proximity Warning System
Ground Support Equipment
Guidance and Navigation Systems
Guidance Sets
Guidance, Navigation & Control Solutions
Head-up Display System
Helicopter Ground Proximity Warning Systems
HF Datalink
HF Voice
High Speed Data
High Speed Data Loaders
High Temperature Electronics
Inertial Measurement Units
Inertial Navigation Products
Inertial Reference Systems
Inertial Sensors
Instrument Landing System
Integrated Cabin Systems
Integrated Compass Sensors
Integrated Electronic Systems
Integrated Multi-Function Probe (IMFP)
Integrated Radio Panels
Integrated Systems
Interior Aircraft Lighting
Intermediate Support Systems
LCD Scrollable Controls
Lightning Sensor Systems
Line Test Sets
Linear Sensors
Magnetic RAM
Magnetic Sensors
Magneto Resistive Sensors
Magnetometry Solutions
Micro Air Vehicles
Micro Inertial Reference Systems
Missile Radar Altimeters
Mission Management Systems
Mixed Signal Technology
Modular Navigation
Multifunction Displays
Multi-Function Interactive Display Units
Multi-Hazard Awareness Systems
Multi-Mode Receiver
Navigation Grade Inertial Measurement Units
Navigation Systems
Pilot Audio Controls
Position Sensing
Precision Alignment Tools
Precision Barometers
Precision Pressure Transducers
Precision Terrain Aided Navigation
Pressure Sensors
Pressure Switches
Pressure Transducers
Pressure Transmitters
Product Testers
Radar Altimeters
Radar Equipment
Radiation Hardened Electronics
Radio Altimeter Systems
Radio Altimeters
Radio Altitude Indicators
Radio Systems
Reconnaissance Systems
Recorder Microphones
Remote Controls
Resonant Transmission Line Sensing
Resonating Beam Accelerometers
Retractable Landing Lights
Rotational Rate Sensor
Runway Awareness & Advisory System
Satellite Communications
Satellite Radios
Satellite TV
Search and Rescue Weather Radar Systems
Sensing Products
Sensor Components
Sensor Modules
Servoed Indicators
Slides Control System
Smart Digital Magnetometers
Solid State Cockpit Voice Recorders
Solid State Electronics
Solid State Flight Data Recorders
Standalone Navigation Computers
Strain and Force Sensors
Surface Navigation
Synchro & Variable Reluctance Indicators
Synthetic Instruments
Tactical Advanced Land Inertial Navigators
Tactical Data Management Systems
Tactical Guidance Systems
Terrain Display Units
Terrain Displays
Thermal Switches
Thermally Actuated Microswitchs
Three Axis Strapdown Magnetometers
Torque Sensor
Touch Screen Controls
Traffic Advisory Systems
Traffic Collision Alerting Systems
Traffic-Alert and Collision Avoidance Systems
Universal Avionics Testers
Vehicle Detection Solutions
Vehicle Management Systems
Versatile Integrated Avionics
VHF Data Radio
Visual Guidance System
Weather Avoidance System
Weather Detection System
Weather Radar Systems
Weight and Balance System
Windshear Computers
Windshield Wiper Systems
Wireless Data Management

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